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Jeff Clarke is a popular speaker on a wide range of subjects related to the natural environment. All his talks a liberally sprinkled with humour and anecdotes that guarantees a memorable night for the audience. New talks are added regularly and existing talks are updated to keep them fresh.

The current fee is £84.00 per talk plus mileage (from 1st April 2017)

Below you can find the list of current talks.

Inspiring Avians New 2017!

This talk was created in response to the question that Jeff gets asked most frequently. “ What’s your favourite bird”? So this talk is all about those charismatic birds that capture the imagination and explores their life stories to try and work out what it is that gives them ‘The Edge’!

How To Build A Naturalist New 2016!

As a complete antidote to the current crisis that face our natural world, Jeff looks back over more than 45 years of magical wildlife moments. From his early explorations away from the nest, in a pocket of woodland next to his childhood home, via some exploratory wanderings of a miss-spent youth, to his currently miss-spent mature age. You’ll “ooh”, you’ll “aahh” and you’ll probably say “He’s made that up.” But he hasn’t, because he was there!

Testimonial: "I have known Jeff for many years on a professional basis.  Each year he produces a brilliant and entertaining talk, laced with loads of humour and this was no exception.  Thanks Jeff for a truly inspirational evening." David Holland

Stand Up for Nature - Nature Needs You! New and regularly updated!

A thought provoking political commentary on the State of Nature today in the UK and an indictment on those who are supposed to protect it. It also highlights how we inadvertently impact on the global enviornment and what we can do to change things for the better. The show is satirical in nature and hopefully ‘funny’ whilst making some very serious points. “Not recommended for Gamekeepers, rich landowners, or Bankers!”

Testimonial: "Jeff, wow, what a cracking, thought provoking talk. Thank you so much for having the courage to put it to us". Rhodie Blythe

Antipodes - At the Edge of the Abyss  Updated 2016!

New Zealand is the seabird capital of the world, blessed with many species of albatross , petrels and shearwaters, not to mention the penguins and numerous members of the cormorant clan. The same seas are also rich in cetaceans. On top of this New Zealand is home to a number of threatened endemic landbirds. This talk illustrates are large proportion of the regions iconic wildlife and explores the threats they face and the conservation efforts required to save them.

Fieldcraft and the Photographer Regularly updated

An amusing look at the trials and tribulations of wildlife photography. Packed with handy tips for would-be snappers and a cautionary tale or two about the pitfalls and pratfalls that can catch out the unwary.

Birds By Jeff

An interactive talk of the funniest kind as Jeff takes on the character of each species described. Warning! This is an audience participation experience.

Birds and Migration

The history, the how, the why and the where of bird migration. Join Jeff on an evening of fascination.

Biscay & Picos Updated !

4 Go Mad in Northern Spain. A wildlife photographers journey through beauty and splendor of the Picos de Europa, a land caught in time, contrasting with the vastness of the cetacean rich Bay of Biscay. New and updated with images from 2010 Picos de Europa tour!


The 'local patch' is the under-regarded upper Mersey Estuary. When you know it as well as Jeff Clarke does then diversity of life and unexpected beauty of the area is brought into sharp relief. A surprising 'tour de force' of nature.

A Naturalists Year

This talk takes you through a wildlife mad naturalist's calendar year. The highs and lows, the mishaps, the madness and of course the sheer beauty of the natural world. This talk is changed each year to reflect the previous twelve months.

Fantastic Farnes

From the taste of salt on your tongue, the cacophony of noise and the assault on the nasal passages, few places in Europe can match the Farnes. The exuberant abundance of bird life a fingertips touch away is a never to be forgotten experience. This talk combines memorable images and charismatic wildlife, together with important tips, such as "how to avoid going to the toilet on a bare rock with 50 other people for company, most of whom are carrying telephoto lenses!"  

A Night on the Tiles

The ramblings of a nocturnal naturalist reveal just what goes bump in the night. A series of adventures and misadventures that brings to life the wildlife of the small hours. All laced with a liberal dose of humour.

To book your talk please contact me directly on 07837 690612 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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