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Ecological Surveys

Anser Ecology Ltd (formerly Jeff Clarke Ecology Ltd) can cover all aspects of terrestrial and aquatic ecological surveys. Whether you require a Great Crested Newt survey, a Bat Survey or any other form of ecological survey you will get the best service and the best quality surveyors for your needs. Anser Ecology Ltd only employs experienced and vetted professional ecologists and specialist natural history practitioners. Anser Ecology Ltd provides survey and identification training for other ecologists on bird, mammal and invertebrates. Anser Ecology Ltd is a benchmark of quality.

Great crested Newt & other Amphibian Surveys

great crested newts 290410 600 jjc
Anser Ecology Ltd will always guarantee that clients get the most cost effective survey. Wherever possible we will employ 'Reasonable Avoidance Measures'(RAMs) to reduce the cost burden to the client whilst always ensuring the maximum outcome for this important protected species.

Bat Surveys

whiskered bats poss oxmoor 300808 jjc
Bats are sensitive creatures, and have suffered significant population falls due to human actions in recent years. Roosts and hibernation sites are fully protected by law. Anser Ecology Ltd only employs experienced bat workers. Planning a building renovation, or demolition, and need a survey? Then Anser Ecology Ltd can provide you with a fast, efficient and comprehensive service at the most competitive of prices. 

Bird Surveys

ringed plover rhos on sea 600 jjc
No matter what type of bird survey you require, from wind turbine projects, tidal barrage, telephony masts, Breeding Bird Surveys, Common Bird Census, or even a single species assessment, Anser Ecology Ltd guarantees not only a very competitive price, but also the highest quality surveyors.

Botanical Surveys

burnt orchid
Phase 1, Extended Phase 1. Phase 2 Botanical Survey, UK Hab & National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey, Comprehensive Botanical Surveys. Anser Ecology Ltd works with botanists of long standing and experience, to provide a fast and accurate service for clients.

Terrestrial and Aquatic Invertebrate Surveys

Anser Ecology Ltd specialises in a variety of invertebrate groups, notably Lepidoptera (butterflies & moths), Coleoptera (beetles), Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies), Hemiptera (True Bugs) and also engages a comprehenisve network of specialists in other groups to provide maximum coverage for your survey needs.

Mammal Surveys

wood mouse kindrogan oct 2010 jjc 600
Anser Ecology Ltd are mammal specialists, whatever type of mammal survey you require we cover it. Need a full mammal species list for your site? Need a Water Vole survey? Then look no further. Fast efficient,effective, high quality surveys.

Reptile surveys

common lizard on rep-tile hogshead 060411
Reptiles have exacting needs and require diligence and skill from land managers to ensure their long-term survival. If you need a survey Anser Ecology and their team of contracted experts will help you to discover what reptiles you have and how best to manage your land to ensure their long-term survival.


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